The Perks of Coffee Automation

Self-service technology helps drive new sales through the door

The days of lingering over coffee with friends have fallen by the wayside the past few months, much like eating out or going to a movie, but coffee lovers are finding new ways to keep themselves fuelled. 

Automation is taking self-service to a whole new level and enticing coffee aficionados with sophisticated technology that measures up to those large chains - you know who they are - barista-made, grande, no foam, light whip, double shot latte, or everyone's favourite, double-double.

Brewing a Safer (and Tastier) Cup

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With the rise of automation, the opportunities for contactless ordering and payment appeal to customers who don't feel comfortable staying inside stores for very long. Customers can select and place their order form a self-serve coffee machine without ever touching any buttons, all from the convenience of their mobile phones. Using their mobile phone camera, customers scan a QR code on fully automatic coffee machines, which then displays the available coffee beverages. Selecting and confirming a coffee order has never been easier or safer than it is today. Brands can further drive traffic by including menu items consumers have come to love and enjoy, such as favourite seasonal flavours.

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What's In Your Cup?

Freshness, flavour, consistency, strength and aroma are all crucial to creating a high-quality, on-demand cup of coffee. Consumers would most likely go elsewhere for coffee if those characteristics are missing from their brewing experience.


Today's coffee connoisseur wants a selection of hot beverages, from lattes to dark roasts, extra foam and a choice milks, including non-dairy options - a simple filter coffee just won't cut it.


With the growth of to-go culture, automated self-serve stations and technology, consumers expect consistent coffee quickly and conveniently.

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