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Why We Loved Attending the RC Show 2018!

Innovation. Industry trends. Opportunity. 

Meeting great exhibitors and great customers. 

These, to name a few, are the reasons why the TFI team enjoyed this year’s show at the Enercare Centre in Toronto.  After the conclusion of the three-day event, it can easily be said that this show was a success! Throughout the event, our team met and spoke with a multitude of exhibitors, existing and potential customers, some who traveled quite the distance to experience this year’s show.

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Foodservice Industry Trends and Innovation

Whether it’s refrigerators, ovens (microwave or convection), roller grills or display cases, there is a direct correlation between the investment you make in foodservice equipment and the return you hope to achieve.

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Think Soft Serve!

Find out how Soft Serve can earn you 70% – 80% profit!

Consider this: approximately 90%1 of the 36+ million Canadians2 today eat ice cream. Of those, 70%3 eat soft serve. That comes to a whopping 22+ million soft serve consumers in Canada. You might want to consider tapping into that market to increase traffic through your door and boost profits.

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Get Your ‘A’ Game On

How Automation is Revolutionizing the Food Services Industry!

Which would you choose, an inexpensive grill that takes 7-9 minutes of hands-on labour to cook a burger, or a higher-ticket investment that grills it perfectly and effortlessly in 60-90 seconds? If you chose the first option, it might be time to take a closer look at your operation.

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4 Golden Rules To Getting The Most Out Of Your Hot Food Merchandisers

Creating hot food displays that turn product faster and generate lucrative impulse buys.

A study of U.S. supermarket buying habits found that 76% of shopping decisions are made by customers while in store. But every year busy customers spend less time in your store, down from 51 minutes in 1995 to only 38 minutes in 2012. What does this mean? Buying messages must be quickly delivered and easily absorbed by customers, and displays must be more impactful than ever before.

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Meeting the Changing Needs of Consumers

How marketing basics can help you capture more business, generate more traffic and increase sales!

Our eating habits are changing. We no longer sit at the family table every night for the main meal of the day. Kids are no longer told to eat what is served, or go without. In fact, kids today are known to have an equal say in not only what we eat, but when and where we eat, as well. And you know they’re going to choose eating out.

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Coffee May Be Your Best Workout Partner

Coffee’s popularity rises even higher as consumers learn that it helps improve exercise performance

We’ve all heard that coffee is full of antioxidants and health benefits, from protecting against type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease to increasing liver function. But did you know that the caffeine in coffee is also good for your health?

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Food Equipment for our ‘New Normal’

Could you benefit from one cooking platform for several different items?
Are you turning away customers because you can’t keep up with demand?
Are you looking to add a new menu item to generate more profit?
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The Comfort of Cooking

As restaurants pivot and adapt to the changing landscape of what restaurant dining may look like in the months and years to come, TFI Canada shares a few tips to better equip yourself and take your service to the next level.
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