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How Automation is Revolutionizing the Food Services Industry!

Which would you choose, an inexpensive grill that takes 7-9 minutes of hands-on labour to cook a burger, or a higher-ticket investment that grills it perfectly and effortlessly in 60-90 seconds? If you chose the first option, it might be time to take a closer look at your operation.

Modernizing and automating your operation can help you deliver better product consistency and higher quality at a considerable savings of time and resources. Businesses today are streamlining operations and improving their margins by embracing technology – and automation is changing the game.

Technologically advanced equipment is engineered to maximize output and capitalize on sales, while maintaining the highest product quality and consistency. For instance, double sided grills can produce product 66% faster, by cooking both sides of a burger, chicken breast, steak or salmon at once – and they ensure quality through automation, eliminating human error. Products like the Taylor® two-sided grill models have precise one-touch menu settings to help you achieve consistent output and ensure food safety. They can automatically recalibrate themselves daily, and cook perfect food easily with pre-set temperatures, programmable cook times and uniform pressure.


Touch screen technology also makes the latest equipment more productive and user friendly. Touch screen coffee machines, like Franke’s FoamMaster™ line, produce barista-level results, and you don’t need highly trained staff to use them. Perfect in a full-service or self-service operation, today’s technologically advanced machines introduce popular coffee programs that can generate over 80% gross profi t cup after cup is a breeze. You could also create trendy offerings like gourmet international coffees and cold microfoam to drive traffi c to your door.

Low Oil Volume (LOV) fryers that automatically allow for temperature and time compensation are another example of automation benefiting the bottom line. Henny Penny® LOV fryers feature auto levelling, use 40% less oil and get up to 21 days of oil life, delivering a considerable savings of time and resources.

Technology presents so many new possibilities, from offering profi table menu items prepared perfectly every time, with less waste to adding drivethroughs, to offering custom-designed menus with a touchscreen kiosk. And the new equipment tends to have smaller footprints, freeing up valuable real estate. Automation is also freeing up your staff’s time – while the machines are doing the heavy lifting, your staff can focus on customer service, upselling and presentation.

Food service has almost a 40% share of the Canadian food dollar. Are you capturing your slice?


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