Food Equipment for our ‘New Normal’

Could you benefit from one cooking platform for several different items?
Are you turning away customers because you can’t keep up with demand?
Are you looking to add a new menu item to generate more profit?

Being safe and conscientious of spaces is vital to operate your business in our ‘New Normal’. Whether your kitchen is open and you’re doing takeout, or are serving your customers on a patio, the back of house is essential for your front of house to operate efficiently. However, with the enclosed space, employees must wear a face mask to prevent spreading germs to one another and transmitting them through the food. With the use of automated food equipment, you can provide your customers with consistently delicious food while reducing the need for a full back of house.


Soft Serve & SlushC_C722_C723-product

Add a New Menu Item to Entice Your Customers to Return to your Restaurant

From Soft Serve Machines to Slush Machines, nothing is more refreshing than a cold treat on a hot summer day!

The Taylor Soft Serve machines are a simple and easy menu addition that allows you to be creative with your flavours and delivery. The possibilities are truly endless; dipped cones, unique flavours and toppings and more!

Two-Sided Grills

It’s time to flat-line your old flat top

Taylor grills cook from both the top and the bottom for better, results, safer food and a game-changing double shot of efficiency.

Perfect to cook: breakfast, lunch, and dinners

  • 66% faster so you can serve a fresh, made-to-order menu
  • Even temperatures across the entire cook surface
  • Versatility for burgers, chicken, fish, veggies, paninis, breakfast items and more
  • Cook time reduction reduces stress on cook line- adds pressure to the fryer however
  • Add additional menu items to mix: Quesadillas, additional proteins, sandwiches

Taylor Grills


Combi Ovens 

Cook all of your items in one oven that is easy-to-clean and easy-to-use

Advanced combis so easy to use, with hundreds of recipes and time-saving apps available at a single swipe. Replaces steamers, grills and convection ovens, so you’re saving tons of kitchen space. Steam on demand without a boiler saves you even more on operating and maintenance costs.

  • Hundreds of recipes at a single swipe
  • 36% less water usage
  • 15% higher fan efficiency


Automatic Coffee Machines

A800 Black Edit

Perfect coffee enjoyment at the push of a button. Enjoy absolute consistent product quality for every cup, every day, at every location

  • Top hygiene and fully automatic cleaning
  • ‘Barista in a Box’
  • Fully-Automated coffee that brews directly from bean-to-cup
  • Quick and easy preparation
  • Top hygiene and fully automatic cleaning

PUC (Pick-Up Cabinet)

Provide your customers with a contact-less safe and easy method to pick-up their items

With reduced staff, you can provide your customers with a safe and convenient option to pick-up their order.

  • No contact pick-up
  • Convenient and fast carry-out; pick-up time reduced by as much as 70%
  • Labour and unnecessary touchpoints are minimized 

Available in Ambient & Heated


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