Climate-Conscious Cuisine

How cooking better for you, is better for the Earth. 

 A key focus in many 2023 food trends continues to be sustainability.  

  • Eat plant-based more often – plant-based foods have a smaller environmental impact. 
  • Eat seasonally – purchase foods that are grown in-season in your area
  • Shop local – locally grown food saves fuel, and supports the community. 
  • Buy in bulk – bulk foods require less packaging, waste and energy to produce. 
  • Grow something yourself – even small changes like herbs in a pot makes a difference. 

These tips, in addition to the availability of well-sourced ingredients—such as grains and other crops—that have been farmed responsibly, with lower impact on the growing methods, concern for soil health and a better environment for continued cultivation, will all contribute to impactful change.  

Switching to a Low-Oil Volume fryer (LOV) or an Air Fryer that requires absolutely no oil, and uses only steam to cook healthy, crispy food is not only a better change for restaurants, but also for the planet. Reduced or no oil results in significant savings year after year, while also reducing the carbon footprint, gas emissions and the deforestation of rainforests that are being destroyed in order to make palm oil.  

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LOV vs LightFry infographic


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